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Over the past 8 years our company has had the pleasure of an inter company relationship with the company Stock Matters. Stock Matters has looked after our group of public houses, where they have assisted both the company and the managers in each public house in stock control. They have looked into the ordering and stocking levels and to pin point any issues relating to any problematic stocks. Providing the managers on each site with a comprehensive and simple to understand breakdown of all till receipts and transactions and also provide a full in depth breakdown of every product movement and delivery within each site, taking time to explain everything to the managers. A full comprehensive report is left on site, and a copy forwarded to the company within 8 hours of the stocks being completed. Where there are issues a phone call is made immediately to the company to discuss the issue, and a too assist in a way forward, which would benefit the manager and the company. 

Michael C Radcliffe U.L.C.I. MBII


An excellent and professional service which provides relevant, timely and robust information for managing a public house. I have used and recommended Stock Matters across the estate, my business partners have reaped the rewards in the savings combined in this vital control measure delivered to their businesses. 

Business Development Manager

Tenanted Division

Stock Matters are able to assist in till adjustments when it is required, from reprogramming to simple tasks of price increases. They have always been able to assist in any emergencies, relating to stock change over, break-ins, thefts, and unannounced stocks. We have a continued excellent relationship with this company and we know it will continue. 

BAC Property

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