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We understand better than most that the success of your licensed trade business can often come down to the efficient management of your stock. In your industry, you need reliable stocktakers like us who can regularly perform a stock check to help mitigate any problems you may experience through high turnover or petty thefts.

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Our pub stocktakers use measuring devices for draught beers to ensure accuracy, and together with custom designed software for showing allowance claims and sales analyses from itemised tills, we are able to produce extremely accurate till to stock sales data. Many managers, licensees and tenants often choose not to pay a professional bar stocktaker to carry out regular stocktakes. They believe that they are saving money; however, professional stocktakers will help you to generate the additional cash gross profit from your business.

Experienced Licensed Trade Stocktakers for your Bar or Pub

Our easy-to-understand, jargon-free reports will help you come to terms with your business information in the most straightforward way, getting you up to speed with your margins, profits, requirements and stock levels ultimately helping you determine where to save money. From university social clubs to wine bars, we've seen it all and are happy to provide our licensed trade stocktaking services to you, whether you need an annual service or a one-off.


We are able to respond to your requirements at very short notice, whether you require business transfers, unannounced stocks or a simple valuation. Our pub stocktakers will advise as to your stock results, GP%, till discrepancies and stock and ordering on the day of the stocktake to help keep you informed about your business.

We are happy to provide whatever feedback your business requires, however much or little. Want to discuss your margins or the pricing and controlling of your bar stock? Our friendly licensed trade stocktakers would be pleased to give you sound advice towards the improvement of your existing procedures and policies. Increase your turnover and save more money with our pub stocktaking services!

How our pub stocktakers can transform your bar:

Example 1

Your till shows that you have sold 14 baileys during a particular stock period, however your stock is showing that you have only sold 7; the main reason this would happen is that your staff are pouring a Baileys in a 25ml measure when it should be a 50ml measure.

Example 2

Another example is that your stock report shows a variation in your lager of a deficit of 7 gallons over a 4 week stock period. There could be several reasons including staff pilfering (ie giving away free drinks to friends), staff skimming tills, manager allowing staff drinks (2 pints per day), or a dispense issue. If you do not have regular stocktakes and this deficit is not identified to you over a period of one year, with a selling price of 2.50 per pint and a GP of 50%, you could missing out on additional 7 91 cash in your bank account. This additional profit, which many managers, licensees and tenants are not even aware they are missing out on, will often be the make or break of many businesses.

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